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Kitchen garden (IV)

It’s been pointed out to me since last week’s post that my memory is playing tricks. We didn’t sing “Summertime” in high school, we sang it in middle school…with my friends, not my sister.

Maybe it’s because I’m too busy thinking about my tomatoes. And that little guy above. He’s taken up residence between two tomato cages, and he’s a stubborn one. So after trying to discourage him several times, I decided to let him be. And now I’m glad I did.

I’ve been on the road these past few weeks, shuttling between Ohio and Rhode Island and Maine and Connecticut and New Jersey (sometimes with the little hamster in tow). These travels have been alternately exhausting, difficult, and relaxing. I haven’t always had time to worry about how my plants will get watered while I’m away. And despite a wonderful week on the lake in Maine, and a fun wedding weekend with family, nothing warmed my heart quite like coming home to my beautiful tomatoes, which have finally sprouted fruit.

I’m hoping to harvest that first red cherry tomato before Josh and I leave for Ohio (once again), bound for a family vacation in Canada. And meanwhile I’ll just enjoy peeking in on the tomatoes in between travels, watching them ripen.


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