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Slow Fall

A few nights ago, B finished dinner early, but she wasn't quite ready for bed. So we sat on the floor of our living room in front of the Christmas tree, classical radio playing softly in the background, and read through Peter Spier's Christmas!, one of my favorite childhood books. There are no words, only… Continue reading Slow Fall

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Building a Little Library

The book situation in our house has always been a bit...precarious, mostly thanks to my habit of acquiring more books than our shelves can hold. Josh keeps books, too, but he's much better about borrowing from the library and only holding onto those he receives as gifts. No, the problem is mainly due to me. There's… Continue reading Building a Little Library

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Afternoon Adventure: The Tavern Club

Happy December! I've just returned from a whirlwind trip home to Cleveland for Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful to see family and take long walks and eat lots of delicious (modern) food. Around the holidays we often reflect on the past--not only our recent past and childhoods, but the "family past," stories about my grandfather's… Continue reading Afternoon Adventure: The Tavern Club