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Williamsburg veal partridges

Some days are just full of questions. Like, why aren't there more movies like Back to the Future? Why do my students all wear feather extensions in their hair? If I walk around a lot while I teach, does that count as the day's exercise? Why is my dwarf hamster still afraid of everything that moves? And… Continue reading Williamsburg veal partridges

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Old Virginia batter cakes

Language is such a powerful tool. You can learn so much about the writer, about a different culture, or about a past time just through the words the writer chooses. As a history teacher, I end up thinking about this a lot, especially when we're looking at primary sources in class. Of course, it's hard… Continue reading Old Virginia batter cakes

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new year, new disaster (or, steak and kidney pie)

I'll confess: I kind of have a thing for Britain.Pubs, pints, high tea, scones, royals, BBC period dramas (anyone watching Downton Abbey this Sunday?), Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, the British Invasion, Tea & Sympathy...the list goes on. My sister and I have a whole separate mode of communication involving quotations from our favorite pieces of British… Continue reading new year, new disaster (or, steak and kidney pie)

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Brunswick Stew

We are pulling Christmas together here in Ohio. Everyone's pitched in wherever they can, and the house is finally starting to look holiday-ish. We're winding garlands around the banisters and laying boxwood across the mantle.We keep asking each other, "What are we forgetting?" "Are we in good shape this year?" Because usually Christmas Eve feels… Continue reading Brunswick Stew

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Book Two: The Williamsburg Art of Cookery

Apparently an interest in historical cooking runs in the family.I stole our new book, The Williamsburg Art of Cookery, from my parents' house last time I was in Ohio. I think they bought it on their honeymoon in Colonial Williamsburg. Otherwise they acquired it during a family trip to Williamsburg over Thanksgiving, back when I… Continue reading Book Two: The Williamsburg Art of Cookery