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One year

Dear blog,You are one year old today. To celebrate, I doctored this photo of a decidedly unhistorical chocolate beet cake. I hope you like it.It's been quite a year! In one year of blogging, I have...worked with two cookbooks and started a thirdlearned what salt pork isdiscovered the joys of cooking with animal fattried and failed to… Continue reading One year

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How to keep your own hearth fires burning

Even though I've thoroughly distanced colonial cooking from its original hearth application, I thought it would be useful to look at some of the tools used in hearth cooking. You know, in case you had a hankering to put your fireplace to good use.1. Of course, you couldn't get anywhere without your fireplace. Technically, this… Continue reading How to keep your own hearth fires burning

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Mount Vernon

About a month ago, I chaperoned my tenth-grade class to Washington, D.C. on their annual five-day field trip. Not only did I lead the trip, but I also had spent the entire year planning and preparing for this adventure. Therefore, the trip entailed:33 teenage girls4 chaperones (including me)1 long-suffering bus driver1 viewing of National Treasure and… Continue reading Mount Vernon

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Cheese biscuits

Yesterday Josh and I had a simple night in. Cooking dinner, watching the latest New Girl episode, talking about our days. As part of our goal to become more mindful, healthful eaters, Josh made a delicious vegetarian chili, chock-full of sauteed veggies, onions, and spicy peppers, ladled over brown rice.Before he started cooking, I thought about what… Continue reading Cheese biscuits