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Kitchen garden (IV)

It's been pointed out to me since last week's post that my memory is playing tricks. We didn't sing "Summertime" in high school, we sang it in middle school...with my friends, not my sister.Maybe it's because I'm too busy thinking about my tomatoes. And that little guy above. He's taken up residence between two tomato… Continue reading Kitchen garden (IV)

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Kitchen garden (III)

Dropped in to share this exciting development in the kitchen garden: three pea pods have appeared, with more on the way! I am half-tempted to name them, but the rational part of me reins in that enthusiasm.I'd been amazed by the tightly furled white flowers of the pea plant. Now, these flowers have given way… Continue reading Kitchen garden (III)

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Mount Vernon

About a month ago, I chaperoned my tenth-grade class to Washington, D.C. on their annual five-day field trip. Not only did I lead the trip, but I also had spent the entire year planning and preparing for this adventure. Therefore, the trip entailed:33 teenage girls4 chaperones (including me)1 long-suffering bus driver1 viewing of National Treasure and… Continue reading Mount Vernon