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Spring cleaning

It’s getting to that point where things just feel blah. It’s officially spring but not quite warm, the kids are either bonkers or asleep at school, and the crust for my first-ever tart puffs up like a balloon.

Even food is less than inspiring. Josh made a big pot of white bean, kale, and sausage soup at the beginning of the week, and although last time we declared it a delicious keeper, this time something went wrong. The dried beans didn’t fully reconstitute, so we had to crunch our way through soup all week. By Wednesday, when I’d eaten soup for two dinners and a lunch, I could barely stand to look at the leftovers.

(I have a tried-and-true abhorrence of leftovers served for more than two nights in a row.)

All of this makes me think that

I’ve written about spring cleaning the apartment before, but today I’m thinking more about getting my taste buds ready for spring. Time to retire heavy stews and rich food for a while–I’m going to embrace fresh vegetables and fruit, with plenty of salads and light meats and fish. Of course, I’ll still save space for indulgences like apple charlotte (coming soon) and homemade ice cream, but there’s something exciting about freshening up the kitchen pantry for spring. And I can only hope that making fresh changes in one corner of my life will help lend inspiration to other corners, too. (Middle school children, I’m looking at you.)


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