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Starting seeds

Earlier this week, it was finally starting to feel like spring. The air lost some of its chill, birds chirped in the tree outside our dining room window, and the first crocuses poked up from neighborhood yards. Of course, this morning it’s snowing, so we need a good dose of cheer to pick up our spirits. Let’s talk about this season’s garden.

I ordered seeds from Fedco and Vesey’s, two small-batch, cold-weather plant vendors recommended by Henry Homeyer. Both are great because their plants are bred to withstand northerly climates, and Fedco sends a limited number of seeds. This way I don’t feel guilty for wasting seeds. In the end, I may have gone (slightly) overboard for my modest container garden, but they all looked so good! Two small packages arrived with the seeds a week later, and I looked through them longingly as I waited for the right planting day.

The last frost for Rhode Island lands somewhere between March 30 and April 30 (specific, I know). I decided to start the earliest seeds (4-6 weeks before the last frost) over the weekend, and I spent a lovely few hours setting up my grow light and arranging pots and growing material.

This year I’m trying out Cow Pots, these super-environmental seed starter pots made of composted cow manure. Once the seeds are ready to transplant, you simply put them in the planting medium, pot and all, and the pots gradually degrade while giving your plants a jolt of natural fertilizer. They sounded awesome, and they (barely) smell at all. Josh was wary, but so far he hasn’t complained.
Here’s what I planted:
  • sweet peppers
  • hot peppers
  • spinach
  • lavender
  • cosmos
  • sugar snap peas
  • tomatoes
  • lobelia
My sown seeds are now sitting patiently under the grow light, and I may or may not be excitedly checking them at least twice a day for progress. No signs of life yet, but it’s early days. If you’re planting a garden this year, have you started seeds yet? What are you growing?

2 thoughts on “Starting seeds”

  1. Yay, can't wait to follow the progress of your garden! I'm not growing one this year, after lots of research it just didn't seem like our patio would cut it. I will have to live vicariously through you.


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