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Huckleberry Pie (a.k.a. Hurricane Pie)

Hello again! I didn't get much historical cooking done this past month, due to a tremendous amount of traveling. Josh and I determined that we spent the equivalent of a weekend in the car driving from state to state (and out of the country), and that my pet hamster is now the most well-traveled hamster… Continue reading Huckleberry Pie (a.k.a. Hurricane Pie)

little house cookbook

Book One: The Little House Cookbook

I confess: I'm cheating. Our first book is technically not a historical cookbook.I prefer to think of it as easing into this project. Baby steps.Barbara M. Walker created The Little House Cookbook after she and her daughter recreated practically every recipe described in Laura Ingalls Wilder's autobiographical Little House series. Drawing from period resources, Walker… Continue reading Book One: The Little House Cookbook