A Fresh Look for Spring!

website screenshotSo….you may have noticed a few big changes around this site. My friend, fellow critique group member, and all-around awesome, brilliant person Gaia Cornwall designed a fresh look (just in time for spring) and made that glorious header collage on the home page. (Fun fact: Gaia used vintage images from the NYPL as well as elements from old Murphy family letters.)

I love everything about this new site, from the clean layout to the sweet flourishes at the bottom of each page. Take a look around and get reacquainted! I’ll still be blogging about books, writing, history, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Important note: my domain name has changed from to, and will automatically redirect from the old domain. Please update accordingly.


P.S. Want a glorious website of your very own? Check out Gaia’s other work!


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