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Author Visit!

I had my very first author visit yesterday! The wonderful fourth grade at The Learning Community Charter School in Central Falls, RI, hosted me to talk about how I write book reviews. They’d read my August review of Passenger in preparation to write their own reviews, and they asked fantastic questions about writing, reading, and inspiration. I shared…

  • my writing process for reviews (including my noticing notebook, where I log quotations, imagery, plot arcs, and character details that jump out at me when I read)

    (a cheat sheet for some previous blog posts!)
  • how writing reviews helps me feel like I’m sharing books I love with other people
  • a little bit about my own fiction
  • and my current obsession with Raina Telgemeier (we bonded over our shared love of her latest graphic novel, Ghosts)

I had such a fun time, and I was honored to visit. Thank you so much, fourth grade!


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