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When You’re on the Wrong Side of History (Part 1)

How do you get an audience to root for someone who's on the wrong side of history? When you're writing a book or screenplay, it can be a tricky business. You have to make the character seem sympathetic, while still staying true to the history. You can't shrink from portraying the brutal realities of his or… Continue reading When You’re on the Wrong Side of History (Part 1)

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Dining at Downton: Kedgeree

Kedgeree is the very first dish served on Downton Abbey. Mrs. Patmore sends a steaming bowl up for breakfast, and with that we're immersed in the sumptuous world of Edwardian cuisine. Brits still eat kedgeree today, and it's one of those dishes that carries a few hundred years of British history along with it. Plus,… Continue reading Dining at Downton: Kedgeree