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What to Read While Breastfeeding: A Primer

Well, things got busy. We welcomed a new addition to our family, muscled through some major house infestation issues (with a five-week-old! super fun), and started preschool. And now *cough* it's December. Whoops. Still, I've managed to scrape out some precious reading time while nursing little Junebug, though not nearly as much as I did… Continue reading What to Read While Breastfeeding: A Primer

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Helpful advice for new mothers

Over the past few years I've pointed out historical hints for illness, cleaning house, and other realities of daily life. These tips are often funny and strange, and while I enjoy reading them, it's tough to actually follow their advice. For example, an early 19th-century writer suggested a delicious mixture of onions, butter, pepper and… Continue reading Helpful advice for new mothers